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David ‘Rockit’ Willard – Can’t Cry Anymore Vocal Cover

Bio: I am a 53 yr old Drummer & Vocalist& have been playing Drums & singing since age 6. I gained a lot of knowledge while playing with different artists while serving in the U.S. NAVY where there never seemed to be a shortage of Musicians. I have played with a number of Bands & have been fortunate to work with a few Independent Recording Companies. I also have what I feel to be a fairly successful Myspace page at www.myspace.com/rockwillard

  • MrBobbyRocks

    Man, You are A PHENOMINAL Singer,I hope to see more of your videos.

  • Agprice

    Nice cover. I would like to see you get up and show us how much you are feeling when you are singing this! By the way… awesome looking kit behind you!

  • Great advice , I believe it would show more emotion & presence,Thanks !!

  • I am now forming a new band called PHANTOMIC & my new My Space address is http://www.myspace.com/thephantomicband

  • Hi David,

    You're obviously a pro singer! Great range :) I really enjoy your vibrato as well…trained and you're not using it as a crutch for wavering pitch. Granted, I was expecting more of a “Disturbed” type of voice given your current image, so it was a real treat to hear such passionate pipes resounding. Bravo! It's unfortunate that things are so dumbed down these days cos' it sort of leaves a wonderful voice like yours to the wind. You have a strong voice for 80's progressive metal…which just means you sing really good but perhaps for a bygone era. 53 to boot! Wow, congrats for keeping your voice in tip top shape my friend…good luck with the new band :)



  • Hey I just checked out the new band…I really dig your version of The Boxer…nice touch…I like how ya' roughed up the edges on this one :)

  • WOW, that's the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me !!!I understand everything your saying & I do know my era has past & it has been one heck of a ride but I'm gonna milk it for all it's worth…….LOL…..Again thanks for the kind words !!

  • Right on brother, I'm in a similar boat as you concerning age…speaking of boats – what was your MOS? I was an OS2 on the USS Stark ya' squid! hahaha. Nuttin' but love brutha!



  • My primary rate was ABH but I volunteered for the S.E.A.L.s & was Medically Retired as a CWO4 after 10 years active & 6 reserves. I was on the Nimitz & Enterprise for the filming of the Movie THE FINAL COUNTDOWN & a host of Amphibious ships, The USS AUSTIN, SAIPAN, NASSAU, INCHON, IWO JIMA & a number of others when needed.But when you boil down to it we were all just a bunch of Swabbies…….LOL

  • KidKenny

    Love what you doing, (always liked Steve Walsh) and now I look forward to hear how you sing original stuff (at http://www.myspace.com/thephantomicband right?) I'm gonna check it out right away :-) Go David, you've got it.

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  • Barbara Jensen

    Wow, you sing this song great and your voice is killer. Great job!

  • Thank you very kindly Maam !!!

  • Right on! Hey I checked out a bunch of your other songs…man you can freakin' sing!!!



  • Stephan Good
  • Michael Maynard

    Liar. You served approximately 5 years and seven months and was discharged as an E-2. You had a mess management and aviation fundamentals courses. No SEAL training at all. How hard did you step on your crank to be discharged as an E-2?


  • crater0611

    Just want to make sure that the interwebs forever forward have notary of this fake SEAL: https://militaryphony.com/2018/02/23/david-willard-fake-seal-fake-officer/

  • Bert B

    LIAR. You were never a SEAL and you know it. Best you were ever able to do was to hit E2 (an Airman Apprentice) in your SIX years total. Let’s let that sink in for a second: E2 in six years – just one step above the the E1 welcome-to-the-navy-now-stand-over-there guys who are just beginning their careers. Yeah, you’re a real performer and badass. CWO4? STFU.

    All those exotic locations and ships you were on? Mostly lies too. I’m starting to see a pattern developing; Everything you say is a story made to make you look smart and tough and mean. Maybe you figure that if you tell people stories long enough, they’ll come true.?

    It doesn’t work like that , cupcake. The cat’s out of the bag now. So, welcome to the stolen valor community. Feel free to come on over and defend yourself at thisainthell.us or https://militaryphony.com/2018/02/23/david-willard-fake-seal-fake-officer/

    Maybe you can convince your friends and family that this is all a mistake and we’re the ones that are wrong. You have been rocking this lie for a long time, maybe the’ll believe you. No one likes to admit they’ve been duped by someone they know or love, so you might pull it off.

    But you and I both know the truth. Are you man enough to confront the truth and be honest for once? Or are you going to turn turtle, lock down your social media accounts, and pretend it will all go away? My money is on door number 2. You’re a man that runs and hides, not a warrior.

  • SkivMarine

    Mr Willard has falsely claimed to be a U.S. Navy SEAL. https://militaryphony.com/

  • Caroline Davidson

    This is not him singing. Fake, fake…

  • Jim Grindstaff

    You are a phenomenal liar! You were never a Navy SEAL. https://militaryphony.com/2018/02/23/david-willard-fake-seal-fake-officer/

  • Jim Grindstaff
  • Jonathon Gallagar
  • Philip Millard

    You steaming pile of fecal matter…you got discharged as an E-3 Airman Apprentice. Stellar Navy career you had…E-2 in almost 6 years. Fucking Lying Piece of Shit

  • Philip Millard

    You’ve been outted by Military Phonies you lying sack of s*it. You were never a SEAL, never an officer, just a lowly E-3 Airman Apprentice….E-2 after almost 6 years, what a sack of s*it.

    BTW, we are spreading your lying ass all over social media.