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David ‘Rockit’ Willard – Can’t Cry Anymore Vocal Cover

Bio: I am a 53 yr old Drummer & Vocalist& have been playing Drums & singing since age 6. I gained a lot of knowledge while playing with different artists while serving in the U.S. NAVY where there never seemed to be a shortage of Musicians. I have played with a number of Bands & have been fortunate to work with a few Independent Recording Companies. I also have what I feel to be a fairly successful Myspace page at www.myspace.com/rockwillard

  • MrBobbyRocks

    Man, You are A PHENOMINAL Singer,I hope to see more of your videos.

  • Agprice

    Nice cover. I would like to see you get up and show us how much you are feeling when you are singing this! By the way… awesome looking kit behind you!

  • Great advice , I believe it would show more emotion & presence,Thanks !!

  • I am now forming a new band called PHANTOMIC & my new My Space address is http://www.myspace.com/thephantomicband

  • Hi David,

    You're obviously a pro singer! Great range :) I really enjoy your vibrato as well…trained and you're not using it as a crutch for wavering pitch. Granted, I was expecting more of a “Disturbed” type of voice given your current image, so it was a real treat to hear such passionate pipes resounding. Bravo! It's unfortunate that things are so dumbed down these days cos' it sort of leaves a wonderful voice like yours to the wind. You have a strong voice for 80's progressive metal…which just means you sing really good but perhaps for a bygone era. 53 to boot! Wow, congrats for keeping your voice in tip top shape my friend…good luck with the new band :)



  • Hey I just checked out the new band…I really dig your version of The Boxer…nice touch…I like how ya' roughed up the edges on this one :)

  • WOW, that's the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me !!!I understand everything your saying & I do know my era has past & it has been one heck of a ride but I'm gonna milk it for all it's worth…….LOL…..Again thanks for the kind words !!

  • Right on brother, I'm in a similar boat as you concerning age…speaking of boats – what was your MOS? I was an OS2 on the USS Stark ya' squid! hahaha. Nuttin' but love brutha!



  • My primary rate was ABH but I volunteered for the S.E.A.L.s & was Medically Retired as a CWO4 after 10 years active & 6 reserves. I was on the Nimitz & Enterprise for the filming of the Movie THE FINAL COUNTDOWN & a host of Amphibious ships, The USS AUSTIN, SAIPAN, NASSAU, INCHON, IWO JIMA & a number of others when needed.But when you boil down to it we were all just a bunch of Swabbies…….LOL

  • KidKenny

    Love what you doing, (always liked Steve Walsh) and now I look forward to hear how you sing original stuff (at http://www.myspace.com/thephantomicband right?) I'm gonna check it out right away :-) Go David, you've got it.

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  • Barbara Jensen

    Wow, you sing this song great and your voice is killer. Great job!

  • Thank you very kindly Maam !!!

  • Right on! Hey I checked out a bunch of your other songs…man you can freakin' sing!!!