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Derek Quigley – Everybody

I’m a singer-songwriter who has been playing live for about 2-3years, I love to sing my own songs live, it’s such a fantastic experience. Check out my song!!! :-)

  • ujiya

    Hi Derek,

    Everybody's a good song. I like the lyrics in the hook. It looks as though you're having a good time and into the song. I noticed it sounds pretty dry, which is cool and natural since it's just you and the acoustic. The Voice Live 2 would sound great with a stacked harmony on the part where you start singing “coz everybody's comin' down.” Another great aspect to the VL2 is the auto pitching…you're one guy and pretty busy playing, watching, singing…one can tell when you're thinking to hard. Other than that, I'd love to hear this song in a more produced setting. It's a really nice hook with memorable words so you're sure to please! :)



  • Was that a songwriting competition? You won, didn´t you? I think it is a good song, sounds close and near, with very little adds, almost no reverb, which I do like. (Singing in caverns was in prehistory!!!). I do appreciate when performers don´t mask behind tech and widgets. Listeners can forgive anything but boring. Your performance captured my attention. Congratulations.