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Develop Your Vocal Tone and Support

Develop Your Vocal Tone and Support

Sometimes singers think that over-clenching muscles and gritting their teeth is the way to support one’s singing.

Actually – it is a lot easier than that. Learn how to use muscular pressure more effectively through watching this short video.

Caz Jones is a singer currently at London’s Academy of Contemporary Music.

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Dana Black Dana Black - If I Were a Bell

Dana, you have some great potential as a musical theatre vocalist but your voice is undeveloped in its tone. A few things will assist with this. Engaging a greater level of cord closure needs to be developed so you lose less breath while singing. This will also give you great access to a richer diaphragmatic vibrato.

Jono McNeil

Jono McNeil has established an exciting position in the UK music scene as a contemporary/pop vocal coach, whilst also singing with an impressive array of artists such as Michael Buble, Nelly, Lemar, Josh Groban and Jocelyn Brown, to name a few. Heading up the vocal department at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), developing some of the country’s most exciting new talent, he has also worked, both coaching and scouting on two seasons of BBC’s hit programme, The Voice.