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Review: TC-Helicon Ditto Mic Looper


Looking for a quick and easy way to experiment and perform with vocal looping? This could be the perfect solution.

Item: TC-Helicon Ditto Mic Looper

Price: $149 (US), £119 (UK)

Mic Rating: 5/5
5 Star Rating

At A Glance: TC-Helicon’s Ditto Mic Looper provides an easy way to experiment and perform with live vocal looping (or, actually any mic’d instrument). Everything is kept as simple as possible – one knob, two buttons – a mic input (with phantom power) and an XLR output to go to your PA system. It can record up to 5 minutes audio for looping at uncompressed 24-bit quality to ensure a great sound, and has unlimited overdubs and Undo/Redo. It has a compact and rugged all-metal construction, and it even stores your latest loop and overdubs between power-ups.

High Notes: The Ditto Mic Looper offers automatic gain adjustment of your microphone so you do not need to worry about clipping or setting gain levels. There are Dedicated Loop and Stop/Clear switches and a LED-indicator to show Play/Rec status. If you don’t fancy the idea of using a pedal, the Ditto Mic Looper also works with microphones with a “Mic Control” button (such as the MP-75 or e835 FX microphone) allowing you to create and perform with loops directly from the mic. On the device there are selectable overdub modes as well as an instant one-tap Stop feature that is particularly useful for live performances.

Off Pitch: There are more versatile loopers on the market (including those from TC-Helicon) that offer more a lot more options for controlling, manipulating and adding effects to your loops. However this would be an unfair criticism, as it isn’t really intended to directly compete with these products or functions.

ditto-mic-looper-frontVoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: If you have never tried looping before, then the Ditto Mic Looper is the perfect way to get started. Its simple operation, however, will also appeal to more experienced loopers who want a rugged and great sounding device to create basic vocal loops on stage.

It is also worth noting that there is no reason why you could not use the Ditto Mic Looper for things other than vocal looping (such as percussion or guitars) as it will loop and record any signal you perform into your microphone. Overall, the Ditto Mic Looper is a well thought out device that lets you focus on the performance and not the technology. Whether you want to use it as a compositional tool, for live performance, or just for fun; it is a great sounding and affordable way of working with live loops that will no doubt appeal to many singers, beat-boxers and instrumentalists alike.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.tc-helicon.com

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