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Do You Have a New Influence?

This week we’re looking at the new artists influencing us as singers

As audiences we hunger for fresh exiting sounds and innovative new music. This in turn fuels our journey as musicians, encouraging us to push the boundaries of our artistry. This week we’d like to hear about the people who have influenced your music in recent months.

So the question is: Which new artist or album is inspiring you at the moment?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: What food & drink tips do you swear by as a singer?

McCaffrey Heidi  commented…

“Manuka honey, water is a must”!

Deana Paccione Solomon wrote…

“Very little dairy. …lots of lemon water”.

John Kojoller responded…

“You ‘should’ eat and drink whatever makes you happy and feel good. You ‘should not’ eat and drink whatever makes you feel bad. Lemon, honey, and other myths does not make our voices sound more beautiful or make us more able – in general. But sometimes a lemon tea is really nice, perhaps even with a little of the lovely and sweet honey! And the niceness will probably help you sing better”. 

Fantastic discussion this week guys. Looking forward to hearing your responses to this weeks question.

All the best, C x