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Does Your Voice Get Better With Age?

This week we’re looking at how the voice changes over time.

The voice is an extremely personal thing. As we change and adapt throughout our lives it accompanies us on the journey, constantly evolving and developing alongside our experiences and emotions. Many believe that like a fine wine, our voice grows better with time. However, some say that ageing can also lead to fatigue and possible loss of stability or range. This week we’d really like to hear your thoughts on this.

So the question is: In your opinion, does the voice get better or worse with age?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: What elements do you consider most important when putting together your setlist for performance?

Sarah Ben commented:

“The dynamic of the setlist, and transitions between songs…which songs go together well”.

Joanie Penman posted:

“In my tribute set list I have to take the tempo and feel into consideration, and of course finish on a high”!

Matt Colhoun wrote:

“I think that keeping your options open is KEY. You never know what the crowd is going to be into that night. Make sure you appeal to them as much as your setlist will allow. Don’t be afraid to make changes mid-show”.

Joshua Drane responded:

“First: grab their attention (popular covers are good for this).Then: something a little better. After you rock them for two or three songs: delve a little deeper. Meaningful and moderate. Then uplifting songs to raise them up. If you have that one song everyone loves: save it for the the encore- it’ll leave them wanting more and talking about you. But second to the last should be second best song in setlist. At least that’s what I’ve figure”.