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Dollhouse- Bashly (original)

Bio: Hi, my name is Ashly Badgett and I go by Bashly. This is a song that I wrote that just recently debuted on iTunes.

  • Hi Bashly,

    You’re quirky and strange and I like that…all the way down to the way ya’ sing out of the side of your mouth. There’s an earthy and reall qaulity to your voice and playing style. You sort of remind me of the singer from 10,000 maniacs. Keep up the good work and continue to challenge yourself!



  • Eyoung

    I loved it!!

  • axman1971

    Very well done, I’d like to hear more (sadly I don’t do iTunes).

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  • You’re connecting. I like!

  • I know who else ya’ remind me of = Edie Brickell!!! One trippy hippy! :)

  • joelheck

    Good pitch, nice tone, seems to sing fearlesly, but very hard to understand any other words than “I know”. Facial expressions a bit exaggerated as a style.

  • Hannah

    beautiful song- you have a wonderful tone, moving performance. The only advice I’d give is that there are a lot of facial expressions going on- but again, beautiful song, and you have a lovely and powerful voice!