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Don’t Think About It

Songwriting with Sarah BellaWrite your songs with a heart that feels rather than with a mind that analyzes -says Sara Bella

My very best songs were not really written, they simply came out.

Sometimes so fast I couldn’t sing it fast enough to get it all down.

Divine intervention? A gift?

I know that has a part, and I’m thankful every time it happens.

But I also know from experience that over analyzing does no good. Every songwriter has a different approach to songwriting, and that can make or break a collaboration.

I’ve tried to collaborate with songwriters that pick apart every word, line by line and mathematically analyze it.

They would count every type of grammar used and contemplate if it’s the right choice.

Maybe that works for you, but I do not work that way. My brain does not read music that way.

When I write, I don’t analyze, I feel.

If the emotion I’m feeling is pouring out of that song…it works!

I think it’s best not think so much while writing.

Don’t let your mind compose and your eyes analyze, let your heart write and your ears listen!