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DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stand Review

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Type: Mic Stand.

Item: DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stand

US $47.99 – $59.99

Mic Scale

At a Glance: The DR Pro Tripod is a basic tripod mic stand with telescoping boom. The height is adjustable from 26″ to 50.4″, the boom is 19″, extending to 31″ and the tripod legs span 25″ on each side. While the DR Pro may cost more than similar-looking mics out there, the many satisfied customers say they’re worth every extra dollar.

High Notes: Reviewers consistently described the DR Pro as ‘solid’ yet lightweight and users were happy using this gear in both studio and stage settings.

Off Pitch: The only minor drawback noted by one user is that the pivot adjustment comes loose fairly easily, allowing the boom swing if not securely tightened.

A Performer Says: You get what you pay for with this mic stand. It’s heavy-duty enough to be rock solid, without it being too heavy to tote to gigs. When you buy this, you won’t be replacing it…unless it’s stolen from you.

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  • Its a worth having piece. It will going to rock the stage. I gave it 6 star because i still want improvement from it otherwise there is nothing like this in market right now.

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