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Drew Cambell – Walking by Myself

Bio: I have been playing guitar, singing and performing for 27 years, these days though I mostly perform on YouTube. I have been recording my own material via my home studio for the past 6 years under the names Chris & Drew Campbell, Chris being my Wife who writes the lyrics. Hope you enjoy my rendition of Gary Moors ‘Walking by my Self’

  • Guthorm (TWM)

    Always been a big fan of yours! :)

  • Drewcampbell

    Thank you, that means allot. I have always been a fan of TWM:)

  • Hi Drew,

    Great blues vibe…they'd love ya' down here in the southeast. Don't mean to bust your chops but after 27 years of performing I'd expect a higher quality audio and visual. The sound is pretty rough in this, barely audible, and a very muddy mix. You've got great stage presence and sure can play some mean licks…too bad the camera wasn't dead on. I don't think ya' did anything wrong outside of submitting a low quality presentation. I'd love to see you in full regalia with some quality sound…next time see if the sound man can run a mix off of the board for ya'…and play something original my friend…I can't give you any points for creativity for a cover song. Alas, the blues are strong in you…focus and come back with something of your own for us to shake, rattle, and roll to!!!



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  • Drew Campbell

    Hi Brian,

    I no the sound was bad, I didn't want to submit this but voice council wanted me to submit this. There are allot more video's of me on YouTube with good sound quality.

    Thanks for your comments Brian, most appreciated.


  • Cher22

    Guitar playing was ok but the music drowned out the vocals a lot. Also, there seems to be a lot of external noise or something, maybe the tape is poor quality. I think the sound quality and the video quality were both poor but I would really like to hear something original from you. I think you have some good stuff there inspite of the messiness! Your potential is good and your heart is in it!

  • Sarah Bella

    I'm sure the crowd enjoyed this! Even though the video quality isn't the best, you can hear the obvious talent. I could tell you were enjoying yourself and I am sure the crowd was feeding off your fun!!