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Dwight – Beyond Wonderland

Dwight Morris was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO. He had an incident that occurred, that now limits a lot of everyday activities. However the one thing it doesn’t effect is his way with words that will either inspire or just open your eyes to an everyday life unknown to most eighteen year old’s.

  • Hiya Dwight,

    I really like how ya’ integrate your natural surroundings into the video…quite colorful.  Seems like ya’ put some real effort into this.  The “slang” voicing sounds a bit forced though…just be yourself Dwight.  Try to relax and find your own voice in this type of vocalizing.  I think you’re right on track my friend…just need a little more work.  Really sink yourself into the timing…rap has a lot to do with creative synchronization.  I dig your lyrics man.


  • StrainTree

     I appreciate the feedback alot. If you could email me or something I’d love to get some more indepth feedback on what you were refering to.
    Thank you for the time,