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Dying Seed – You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Gina Latimerlo:

I appreciate the the forward, intense placement of your voice. At times, it becomes a little extra nasal and bright. This is because the corners of your mouth tend to stay pulled back into a smile. If you keep your mouth and lips more relaxed, you’ll keep that awesome forward, intense sound without the extra nasality. It also took you a few lines to find your vocal placement. Starting off can be hard. Before starting to record, sing a couple lines from the middle of song that you feel confident about. This will help you find your placement. Then start at the top.

Dying Seed’s Bio:

My ultimate goal with my music is to continue growing, and never stop as an artist. Also to inspire others to freely express themselves as they wish without the worry of judgment or rules. Art should be raw and free. Pure and true. And I always want my music to represent that. I am a songwriter, composer, and overall artistic kind of guy. Aside from singing, I also use guitar, bass, and keyboards(midi) in my music, all of which I taught myself to play by ear. For as long as I remember I’ve heard melodies in my head and have been righting songs for what seems like forever. Music is my life. It flows through my veins and gives me strength. In return I give it life. It will always be my drug of choice.