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Dylan Trenouth – One In A Million tribute

This is a song I wrote a year ago when I was fourteen about my amazing friend Alex Bjoroy who tragically died in a plane crash. He changed my life forever and I will never forget him, he truly was one in a million. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to have a look at my other songs. Any feedback would be really appreciated. Enjoy!

  • Wogerbee

    Hey Dylan! Firstly, really sorry you had to go through  that loss so young. Writing is such a good way to help you through the difficult times. 

    You have been blessed with a naturally lovely and accurate voice, with several different tones and qualities to it – you must keep singing! It’s a lovely song, too, and obviously heartfelt. 

    You have huge potential, Dylan – I’m going to watch out for your name!

  • enricator

    Hi Dylan
    I think you have a very nice control of your voice, and you always keep a good tone and a nice color throughout the song.
    Well done ;)Enrico

  • Hi Alex!

    Wow this is really good!  Sorry ya’ lost your friend but he’d be proud to know that he lives on in such a good song and in your heart :)  You play to your voice well, when strumming along, I hope ya’ keep at it :)



  • Brianna

    Great Job…keep up with your songwriting… Brianna

  • Ericfreget

    You’re true, carry on ! Good voice, good job ! Try to watch more the camera next time.

  • Melendykaigle

    Great song!!!Very impressed!!!! Continue!!!

  • a.friend.who.misses.alex

    Hi Dylan. Just brought myself to watch this for the first time since it happened. I should have watched it before; Ive been having trouble coping and it has really helped. Thanks sooo much!

    a fellow Cliftonner

  • Dtrenouth

    Hey guys, thanks for all the support and advice!