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Your Vocal Dynamics Secrets?

This week we’re exploring the issue of dynamics & what effect they have on our performances.

As singers, dynamics are one of our most valuable tools in musical and emotive expression. If used correctly they afford us the power to silence a rawcuss crowd, making them hang on our every syllable, or bring an audience to their feet as we build our final chorus to a triumphant exhilarating crescendo. This week we’d like to hear how you utilize the power of dynamics in your performances and what affect this has on your listeners.

So the question is: As a singer, how do you use dynamics to create colour and interest in your performances.

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: As gigging musicians, how do you keep the ‘fire’ and passion in your singing when performing the same songs night after night?

Mark Ryan wrote…

“This an absolutely marvelous question! When you are on the road, touring, it can be difficult, to “get up”, for the big shows. It goes beyond mental exhaustion, and is exacerbated by almost physical restriction. Everything, and I mean everything, lives and dies by the crowd. An enthusiastic crowd can make a good band great, and a great band, legendary. Regardless of what you may hear, lethargic crowds, rarely inspire a band to put on a great show. I’ve sung and performed my best, in front of our most appreciative audiences. The audience is the true star of the show. As for my answer to the question, I would say approach everything, as it if were the biggest thing you’ve ever done. Think of it, as THAT scene in the movie, where the protagonist, is having their big climactic moment. The beautiful thing is, you get the opportunity to do it over and over again”.

Robert Pippins commented…

“Singing the same song to a different audience takes on a whole new experience each time you sing that song. The song moves different emotions in people, and may have different meanings from one person to another. Therefor the song does not get boring”.

Bob Wyper posted…

“Even tougher as a tribute act where it’s the same catalogue of songs… my target is to sing every song perfectly…difficult to string more than half a dozen songs together before making a simple mistake, mainly due to the distractions around the room… the challenge to keep going and try for perfection is what drives me… knowing it is unlikely to be achieved but knowing that the closer I get, the better the show has been”.

Yet another great collection of insights from our faithful face-bookers this week. Tune in next week for our next heated debate!

See you next week, C x