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Easing Up Before Performance

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Easing Up Before Performance

Shelagh Davies, a registered Speech-Language Pathologist, demonstrates an effective way for singers to warm up their voice and body.

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  • Ulrike Pfnausch

    Great video, very helpfull.

  • hattonhall

    I would not have thought a professional qualification was necessary for the average singer to already know all about exactly what was said…….or more!

    Given a title and using my age as a front for “expertise”……….I could have added some physical limbering up and some vocal up and down scales and given what would surely have passed as a more credible and practically useful “Warming up the Voice Video” guide for singers to follow than this mundane and boring presentation.
    Come to think of it………I might be able to make a few bob on the side doing just that!

    Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!          

    That’s a free sample of my up the scale singing without using a microphone.

    How good was that?