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Ed Quesada – Paraíso Perdido

Dtour is a Costa Rican band. We play our music which is alternative rock combined with latin rock. We have played for 2 years keeping the same structure and band members. Our songs talk about life and love, mysterious things and experiences that have happened to us. I’m the lead singer and guitar player. My name is Ed Quesada ans singing is my life!

  • KowBoy Tom

    Ed Quesada, thank you for posting this. You guys are excellent all the way around. Great song, wonderful band, magnificent presentation. Now the one last step is to look as good as you sound. You and your band mates may want to consider dressing up to at least the level that your keyboard player is. That would be the last piece of icing on your cake. You guys are really good – your show deserves better than baggy sweet pants. No? Keep going.

    -KowBoy Tom

  • Spiritwo

    Hey Ed, you got a great performance & i love the way you use all the effects! you are very charismatic and professional on stage witch gives the music the right drive, i agree with KowBoy Tom , you can come up with more of a ‘look’ to yourselves – this is another side to rock and roll is the image of it, think what can suit the band and make it happen! :)

  • Ed

    Thank you Kowboy! we really appreciate it! 

  • Ed

    Yeah.. actually that madde us think a bit about the way we dress on stage. we are discussing it right now. Thank you for the advice

  • Ed!

    I love it!  Live, outdoors, and the mix sounds great.  I bet it really rocked in person.  I’m diggin’ the tempo and vibe of your music.  The Keyboards are tastefully injected.  Great use of effects…no easy task; ;you’re playing like a mad man, tweakin fx live, and singing your ass offf!!!  Not-to-mention, the drummer and bass man are bringing it!  You’re cool and your band is so tight they make you look and sound even more awesome.



  • Ed

    In person it was a different thing.. people were part of us at that moment. Thank  you Brian! The band says THANKS from Costa Rica!

  • AlecDrow

    Great song, great performance and a great voice!
    Enough said =)

  • David Wayne Fletcher

    Hola Ed, me gusta tu canción. Tus presencia escénica fue fantástico. Espero K apoderarse de Sud América. Espero K Sud América escucha a la banda en la radio todos los días. BTW I like UR choice of attire. Me gusta tus Jeans Y zapatos tambien.

  • Edanque

    Thanks Alec!! i’s great you liked it!

  • Edanque

    Gracias David! Ojalá sea en toda América puedan escuchar nuestra música! Thanks! :D Thanks from Costa Rica