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Ed Sheeran’s Loop Station Confuses his Audience

Ed Sheeran on stage

Ed Sheeran on stage

Ed Sheeran had to educate the public about the art form of looping after his Glastonbury set – do you know what looping is? 

Did you catch Ed Sheeran at Glastonbury? Did you catch the accusations that he was using backing tracks and/or miming?

Here is Ed’s tweet setting the record straight that he was, in fact, using a loop station:

So, what is a loop station?

A loop station, otherwise known as a loop pedal or looper is a way to create on-the-spot backing tracks and musical arrangements.

You can do this using instruments or just using your voice, perhaps harmonies or beatboxing, and body percussions such as finger clicking and clapping.

Once you have recorded a loop, it plays continuously until you manually stop it. This gives you the opportunity to record more loops over the top to embellish the sound and add texture to the music.

Once your looping backing track is complete you are free to get on with other matters, such as singing the lead vocal part or playing an instrumental solo.

Find out about loop pedals here.

Check out Ed Sheeran performing his looping arrangement of Shape of You:

Reactions from Our Looping Friends at LoopingLive.com

Mike Ruggirello looked at this in a positive light:

Mike Isherwood felt frustrated by those who jump to conclusions:

Brian Perryman was somewhat bemused by the scale of ignorance!:

Michael Lane reminded us that new technology always has the power to baffle people:

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  • Irene Pirrera

    Really need a looped as I perform with just my voice and keyboard and it needs more than that as it sounds too samey and empty.
    I was so frustrated about all the criticism Ed got and I can’t believe the ignorance of some people! I was at Glastonbury and I loved his set!