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Elena – Heartbeat – Original Song

To be completely honest with you, I really have no idea what to write here. Haha. I’m just a regular seventeen year old who likes driving around singing in cars on summer nights, getting cheap food at Taco Del Mar, and occasionally making a fool of myself in public. :) I also enjoy attempting to write songs, but that’s probably pretty evident already ha. Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to watch. It means the world to me! Take care. Elena

  • Bryan

    Wonderful song Elena! And great voice too! Keep at it and you will go far.

  • Hi, Elena, your song and performance are absolutely fantastic. I do love the emotion you put into it, your singing and your voice. Very beautifull. I am sure there will be a day when a will ask myself: where have a seen this artist before?

  • Elana,

    I love this song! There's a subtle sweetness and truth in your voice…relaxed vibrato, a simple smile, and a catch melody = all the right elements to produce a hit single!

    I especially love every other line of your chorus (hook) – the way you trail off your words and melody without losing pitch – pefect! You work very well with your piano and play to the ambience of the room.

    I also completely enjoy the humility in which the way you describe yourself in your introduction. I'm sure you'll be a treat to work with in the studio.

    More often than not I like to point out at least 3 positive elements in the peer reviews and one thing to work on. I'm moved by this piece in many ways. Sooo, my only comment for improvement is that you continue to write and get yourself out there. The world needs and and will want to hear Elana's music…BRAVO!!!



  • ianjscotland

    Hi Alena, I've been singing since I was 2yrs. old I'm now 63yrs old and dont want to offend you, but I would hope you can stand the truth in which I comment about this song, your singing is alright, the piano playing is alright but maybe a bit classical sounding, but the song is boring, it sounds like something that would be played at a Funeral, for a young girl of 17 I think you should be singing lively bright catchy tunes then you should get somewhere with your music, a lot of people dont like Simon Cowell as a judge of music but I think he tells the truth which can hurt sometimes, but i'd rather be told the truth about my singing than be given bullshit half the time good luck in the future and stick with the lively tunes. Ian

  • Jacob

    If you sound like this at just 17 then i can't wait to hear what you sound like in your twenties.

  • Strong opinions, Ian.

    Try lending Elana some valued insights with details. Your comments are kind of vague…not as close to a “Simon Cowell” critique as you may like to imagine. To sing well at 2 years old is quite prolific, my friend. I'm sure we could all learn much from you. So give us the goods! :)

    61 years of vocalizing is a long time and a lot of experience. My dollar's on the fact that you could offer Elana some sage advice, to help her better wade through her difficulties. Be specific with her coz' it mostly sounds like your just angry that you're aging and want to be vindicated for your time in rate.

    Perhaps give her some examples of songs that you feel she should try on for size…maybe coax her into the direction you've pictured for her. Happy singing!



  • ianjscotland

    sorry you did'nt like my criticising of the song Brian but I was commenting on the song not her singing or playing, and by the way you've also spelt her name wrong its Elena not Elana. Ian.

  • Right on…guess we're all ripe for improvement then – hahaha!

    Namaste! :)


  • Beautiful performance!, piano playing is wonderfull, voice is as well and the song it self is a catchy one. Perfect to be a movie soundtrack!

  • ronb15

    wow wonderful! Ciaran

  • tomvanruiten

    Nice song. I think that you sound great…I would have mixed it differently if I were you: less piano, more vocals, a little less reverb on the voice…but it really sounds great

  • wdf1964

    First off…Elena…great song! You sound wonderful and even though there is a certain amount of seriousness to the song I like the melody and how you play it.


    Whatever happened to singing what is in your heart? I don't care if she is 17 or 47 I applaud her for singing what she feels. Most people write music because it mirrors something going on in their life, not necessarily because they think will be a hit song. I like watching American Idol and most of the time agree with Simon's critiques of the contestants…BUT that show is built as a star vehicle for the winner and they try and push the artists towards what will make them “commercial”. I hate it when they try and tell the younger singers to sing like older singers. All 4 judges say it many times…”this is after all a singing competition”. Let the performers sing and perform and tell them how they can be better singers and performers…oh yeah I forgot, at its core it really is a popularity contest.

  • Yeah, I don't know what it is but this song just works for me…I even like the reverb in the room. Had to come by for another thumbs up :)

  • Hello Again Elana,

    Part of being a dynamic force in the industry is corresponding with those who appreciate you. You have 13 comments and haven't responded to a single one of them? Is some one else in charge of your social networking? Being loved by an audience is a two way street my friend :)



  • Emma Louise Wood

    YOU ARE AMAZING !!!!!!!!! honey you are a beautiful singer :) ahhhhh you soooooooo amazing :)