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Elijah Singleton – Me singing Valiant, by The Spill Canvas.

hey, i’m 19.. I like to play music.. that’s about it.

  • Hello Elijah,

    Diggin' the look! But brother…someone needs to be honest with you. You do have talent my friend. However, I'd like to see you put as much time into your practice as your image. It takes a lot more than cool duds and a hair cut to get ahead in this biz…those aspects are fun though!

    Your pitch is all over the place. I think more than anything, you've chosen the wrong song. You've got a husky, lower, voice…and not much room in your higher register. This particular song forces you out of your natural singing voice for most of the song and is nearly painful at certain spots. My intention isn't to be cruel to you, but to shed a little light. The industry is very rough and doesn't think twice about chewing up the best of us.

    I hope you keep at it but be sure to stay real inside. I'd like you to try something the next time you pick up your guitar. After ensuring it's in tune, slowly play scales and sing along with the notes. When it sounds strong and feels easy to sing, you've found a good starting point. Work your comfort zones for a while and then work your way up to the higher tones. Do this every day and you'll overcome a lot, while having fun doing it!