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Emily-Sophie – Impossible cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Basix:

Wow what a nice voice – love the lightness in the sound. I also really like the setting as it gives me a feeling of live recording with me in the audience. There are some areas in the voice (midrange and top range) that really work well for you, but spend some time on projecting your lower range. There are a lot of different techniques that can help, but I would suggest 2 things that could make it better quite fast.: (i) put the song in a higher key since it seems that you have more “head room” and (ii) use the softness in your lower range and go much closer to the microphone.

  • Lauren Green

    such a sweet voice! I really enjoyed it :-)

  • Julien Sardon

    woww !! I love your voice !! it brought me chills !!
    I think maybe in the chorus , when you repeat IMPOSSIBLE , IMPOSSIBLE , maybe you could vary or add some different meanings ?
    But you really rock !! :)