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Emma Hewitt’s Gig Bag Essentials

Emma Hewitt’s music has become international phenomenon with haunting melodies, yearning lyrics and a distinctive electronic style.

Her prolific touring life and love for club gigs compelled us to ask her about the contents of her gig bag… Here’s what she revealed:

Spare Mic Leads.Often you get to clubs in certain areas in the world and their leads aren’t working. It’s always handy to have your own so they can’t blame you when something goes wrong!


Hand Sanitizer– because I get really creeped out about germs! Sometimes a sound engineer has done a sound check with the vocal mic – and even coughed into it – and then handed it to me! That’s why I always give the mesh a wipe too!


My TC-Helicon VoiceLive2– and I sometimes also use the “Touch” version. I refuse to do a show without it now; it makes all of my vocals sound exactly the way I intend them to sound in whatever venue I’m in.


Rebel Custom Ion Mic Stand
– OK, this one isn’t in my gig bag; it get’s lugged around in a giant road case. But I love it – it has fluorescent LEDs built into it which pulse and flash in various patterns via a remote control. It also displays my logo. It is a cool, great prop to have on stage. The UK company that makes these is brilliant – Rebel Trading Company.


Make up
– I always wear some mascara because I am so albino. I use Napoleon (an Australian company)– it’s stage make up that I wouldn’t wear in the street as it is a bit “full-on”. However, when I’m on stage perspiring with a red face, and someone takes a picture for their Facebook page, it helps!




Emma Hewitt has a legion of passionate fans around the world. Collaborating with major artists and DJs like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Morgan Page, Dash Berlin and Chris Lake, she has had her fair share of top-of-the-charts experiences, which she has now taken to a new level, releasing her debut album “Burn The Sky Down” in May 2012. Her accolades include a #1 on the U.S Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart, Numerous Beatport and Global Trance Charts #1 singles, #2 on the illustrious A State Of Trance Annual Countdown and an International Dance Music Award. See her website And visit her on Facebook

  • Emma,

    All the TV ads tell us that girls “Just can’t go without their MUM!” (Mum Rolette Ad.)

    However, and just as yourself, I can’t go without my Voicelive Play GTX.

    I found your personal hygiene disclosure refreshing and cleansing.

    I hope you are on the Commission payment list for Rebel as the many performers world-wide beat a path to their door following your little expose of their illuminating products!


    © ♯♪♫


  • RJ Hall Singer

    If anybody is interested in a rebel ion electric blue mike stand please let me know its not as advanced as the LED ones as it was one of the orginal concept stands but its still looks great on a stage and its surplus to requirements for my show.