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Emmilija – Never felt this way – Cover

Bio: Emmilija has been singing and playing piano for more than 10 years and music is her biggest passion. Her musical style is mostly influenced by Beyonce and Lady Gaga. In addition to performing covers she is writing her own material. Moreover, she is an actress and a dancer.

  • Good performance! thumbs up!

  • Hello Emmilija,

    This is a lovely and intimate performance. Sounds like you've got quite a creative future ahead of you! You have a very nice voice, languid and soft and plenty of inviting features that lend emotion to your stage presence. I'd really like to view a video of an original with a voice like that!

    There's not much to pick at here as it's obvious you're quite use to entertaining others. You do seem stuck to that chair though…and, I can physically see it in around 3:40 into the song, where the tune picks up and you start to belt it out. Even in a soft setting such as this…don't be afraid to get up off of your stool and flail about a little bit. The concentration it takes to stay put comes through in your face but you do not falter my friend. It sounds very nice throughout the piece. The only problem area I picked up on was in your lower trills…stepping off of the stool and singing from your belly will help you to push more air through those lower registers.

    I didn't pick up on the Lady GaGa, but I see a lil' Beyonce in there when you start to swing your hair and move your arms to the music. I can tell that you want to get down but perhaps felt it was more discreet, in the given setting, to perform the way you did. Regardless, you have a great voice with a good range and you're not afraid to use it. I'm proud of you!!!

    I also thought you did a very good job of “dressing” the part for the given venue. Your band also looks fresh and cool and it's nice to see young artists taking such a traditional and artful approach, while injecting something new into the mix. Thank you for that. Keep your eye on the prize…your going places Emmilija :)