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EQ Versus Volume

Maybe it’s not the volume that’s too loud… -says Bill Gibson

Very often, someone will complain about the mix being too loud, but what they’re really hearing is a particular frequency that is out of balance.

Vocals that are piercing typically contain an abundance of frequencies between two and three kilohertz.

To many people, especially older people, those frequencies are painful. For them, the mix might sound too loud even when the decibel meter reads in the acceptable range.

Once you understand the proper use and application of equalization, you’ll be able to construct a mix that is full and pleasing to the majority of the audience.

Whereas the highs are often too edgy and harsh for some people, low frequencies can be tolerated by most.

Try to create a mix that is full in the low end and inoffensive in the highs.

This type of mix will typically receive the most accolades from the largest segment of the audience.