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Erik VanHoozier – West Coast cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Gina Latimerlo:

You have a sweetness to your tone, and you are doing a good job managing the vocals and guitar. I’d love to hear more presence and clarity in your singing. Your speaking voice is clear and strong, but you allow too much air to come through your singing voice. So, try aligning your singing voice to your speaking voice. Speak a line from the song and then sing the same line. See if you can get them to feel like you are making the sound in the same way. Also, allow yourself to be really present in the song – feeling the emotions of the words as you sing them.

Erik’s Bio:

Well, I love music, and I love making covers. I’ve been in the process of writing my own and would like to make a career out of songwriting. Thanks for checking out my stuff!