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Erin Geary – Chandelier cover

Vocal Coach comments from Rachel Lebon:

Good versatility, exploring the gamut of repertoire from Rock to sensitive ballads to
Chandelier, to Fifth Harmony to Big Band. Fine sense of style within various idioms, in stacking harmonies and in the ability to self-accompany. Nice hardy voice. At times, sense that you push just a bit to project at times (All of Me; Bust Your Windows), which tends to be a reflex if you can’t hear yourself, the sound is dry, or when you self-accompany. Your coordination is natural and sound, so you don’t need to work so hard to project. Let the mike work for you, which is easier, of course, when you have monitors. Can also use the natural rhythm of the language a bit more (not every word in a sentence has equal stress) and let the ends of phrases taper off a bit. You seem to be a fine musician, have wonderful potential and you’re well on your way… Enjoyed listening to your performances.

Erin’s Bio:

I’m a sixteen year old vocalist from New York!

  • Linda

    Erin, I very much liked your rendition of ‘Chandelier’ ~

  • Julien Sardon

    Oh my god , such a beautiful voice !! Your bass notes are clear, your head-voice is nice ! and when you push your voice, we can see that you put all your heart :)
    I love so much a “piano-voice” , you are good in it !!
    Your voice is naturally nice , i’m not sure you need to “over-sing” by trying to pronounce the lyrics !! If you used a microphone, you can easily recenter your voice !!
    I liked your voice !!
    I hope you will add a lot of videos in your youtube page ! :)