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Etymotics ER-15 Custom Earplugs Review

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Item: Etymotics (Elacin) ER-15 Custom Earplugs

USD $150 – $200 approx.
GBP £165 approx.

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At a Glance: Etymotics ER-15 Custom Earplugs replicate the natural response of the open ear while protecting your hearing from excessive noise. You still hear the blend clearly, feel the bass, and distinguish each tone, only the sound is quieter. Etymotic Research Inc.’s website is a cool mix of technical specs and simple advice on what ear protection is best for you. And if you’re not convinced you need earplugs, take a look at Hearnet.com for some ear-saving advice.

High Notes: Reviewers loved them for the sound quality, the comfort and the fact that once in, they’re virtually invisible. Once you have them they should last around 4 to 5 years, by which time the shape of your ear canal will have changed anyway.

Off Pitch: They don’t come cheap but then hearing loss is usually permanent, so you have to ask yourself: “what it’s really worth to me in the long run?” You will also have to get yourself down to an audiologist to be fitted and wait a few weeks for the plugs to be made.

A Singer Says: I sing in pubs and banquet halls where the stage, if there is one, is tiny and a crash cymbal or a PA speaker can be too close for comfort. They help to make absolutely sure I hear my voice and don’t strain no matter how loud the band gets.

A Pro Drummer Says: The Elacin ER-15s don’t take out all the high and low frequencies like most “foam” ear plugs do. I never play without them now – well worth the investment if you value your hearing.

More: “They’re expensive, but they’re worth it – they’re probably the best earplugs in the world! Five Stars”. A.S. -DJ

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  • I am using ER-20 which is a much cheaper way to test how you feel singing with ear-plugs. You will hear all frequencies quite well. But when singing you will have get use to the way you hear yourself. They are supposed to produce no oclussion if you plug them in up to the first canal bend. But I do hear some. Another thing is that you will hear yourself too much and you will have to be sure you don´t allow to much push off because of this. And of course, you will hear yourself as if you are another person singing: to many characteristics of the voice you are used to hear coming out from you actually sound different and this is weird. The greatest problem a have with them is that when I open my jaw wide the ear canal seems to open in the outside while closing inside, thus pushing the earplug out. I only use them for rehearsing but never live. My rehearsing room is quite small, about 20 square meters, and my band mates all seem to be absoltely deaf. They play so load!!! I strongly recommend if you are a musician but you don´t sing at all. If you are a vocalist you will have to try for yourself. Obviusly, in ear monitoring is another thing.

  • ujiya

    I've tried a number of these devices over time. Personally, I don't care for any of them. If it's that loud then ask your band mates to turn down so everybody can hear what's going on. If they won't turn down then they probably don't care much about how you're doing or feeling. I found this happened often when I was singing with metal bands. Turning down also helps the sound man out front dial in the whole band a lot better as he doesn't have to compete with the stage volume. If you really want to hear well, don't by cheap plugs. Instead purchase a nice in-ear monitor system. I just purchased the Shure PSM-400 series. I'll let you all know how they sound when I receive them post the 28th of October. I've been using in-ear for a while now and ya' just can't beat it!!!



  • So many sites I read focus on large businesses and market trends what they are doing correctly or incorrectly but find this one more interesting and full of information.Thanks for sharing.