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Evan LeJeune – Queen of California cover

My name is Evan LeJeune and I am from southern Louisiana! I want to move away to a bigger city to pursue my musical career, to start a band and make music for everyone to enjoy! I am currently working on an album, my first of many. www.youtube.com/evanlejeunemusic

  • Nice job! Love that guitar part :) A little tip.. as a guitarist/singer.. I love watching both hands is all but I enjoyed it.. thanks for sharing it :)

  • Russell St George

    Very nice great guitar playing and vocals!!

  • Hi Evan,

    Pretty bad ass dude! You pick the hell outa’ that geetar! You’ve got a great sense of rhythm. Nice vibrato and dynamics in the vocal too…and ya’ know…the background of the setting sun and open country air just perfectly fits what you’re doing here. I’m a fan!



  • P.S. This is also a perfect example of what an artist can do with minimal equipment in a volatile environment, such as “outdoors,” and not suck. So many submissions just sound like crap and I wonder why they can’t put a tiny bit of care as you have in their vids. You’ve also got a great rock star name dude. Bravo again my friend!


  • Evan L

    Thank you so much man, I really appreciate your kind words! I try to make every recording count!