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Fade – Original by Ryan

Bio: Singer/songwriter for over 15 years. Greatly inspired by the 90’s grunge rock I grew up listening to. Youtube and it’s community has greatly inspired and motivated me to write more and strive to get more exposure.

  • Hello Ryan!'

    Beautiful guitar passages! It could almost go any direction. Your voice is what gives it that 90s grunge feel. Kind of reminds of STP/Alice/Pearl Jam all wrapped up in one! You've got a good image and solid approach to song writing. I do notice that your voice tends to give out a bit as you sing a lot from your throat and sinus mask. Seems these days that anything goes, so if you feel inspired to keep on with this direction you'll surely find an internet audience that appreciates this style of music and in a sense prefers it. Have you thought about embellishing this song past acoustic performance? I can imagine it exploding into a tidal wave of passionate strings and and heavy guitar rhythms, finally collapsing into the quiet outro that you've already designed for the song.



  • Ryan

    Thanks Brian, I am constantly trying to better my guitar and singing. Thanks for the constructive criticism. Never heard the term “Sinus Mask” but I understand. That would make a good rock band name for my style. :D I am working on full band collaborations of my originals with other youtubers. if you click on the “watch on youtube” button in the bottom right corner of the video screen (you have to drage your mouse over it to make it visible) you can get to my main youtube channel from I there.

  • Hahaha…yeah' use it…or how about “Minus Mask”…a good tongue-in-cheek phrase for “speaking plainly”…a lost art in our modern world. Well you've got the right attitude…keep rocking and sending submissions to the peer reviews…I'd love to see where ya' go with all of this. It's a good time to be alive!

    What kind of recording setup do ya' have…Laptop? Sound Card? Software Interface? A creative guy like you could do wonders with your work with the right tools. Keep rockin' brother!




  • Cher22

    Great Job! I would like to hear you do this with a 12 string acoustic! Fantastic Voice! I would like to see you look up once in awhile. Are you shy or were u just concentrating on the music so much you didn't look up to connect with the audience. This is a small thing you can correct. I love your vocals. Your voice is still in my head. Good Job!