VoiceCouncil will no longer be updated. Articles will still be available for some time.



As a singer, what does VoiceCouncil offer me?

VoiceCouncil lets you read and then share in a forum on provocative, engaging, and thought-provoking articles important to contemporary singers. We guarantee you’ll learn something new, and become more passionate about singing.

What’s TC-Helicon got to do with it?

As the only pro-audio brand 100% dedicated to singers, TC-Helicon sponsors VoiceCouncil as an outreach to contemporary singers who are looking to learn and share with their fellow performers.

As a TC-Helicon customer, what does VoiceCouncil offer me?

The VoiceCouncil forum provides a public place to get advice, ideas, and tips on using TC-Helicon products, as well as other products near-and-dear to singers like microphones. If you want to speak to other people using vocal effects products, VoiceCouncil is for you. You can still use TC-Helicon’s support services through their website www.tc-helicon.com

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