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Federico Borluzzi – The Answer original song

Vocal Coach Comments from Basix:

I love the way you “live-produce” your voice through the song. The way you use your breathiness give me a feel that there is a lot at stake. The challenge with “producing” in this way is that it makes the lyrics a little “blurry”. I really want to hear what you so obviously want to tell me, but I can’t. Also, improve the tuning on your guitar. I love the cine-filter that darkens the edges of the screen but do consider less visual information in your visual presentation so that I can focus on you and your words.

Federico’s Bio:

I’m Federico Borluzzi, I was born in 1986 and I’m a singer-songwriter, performer, YouTube artist and busker from Aosta, Italy. I sing and I play guitar and harmonica and I use to write my own songs (the lyrics are always in English) and to perform covers of various artists as well. My rock/blues/folk style reflects many influences by the artists the I love the most, especially Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and the early Rock’N’Rollers from the ‘50s.