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Your Encouraging Force

This week we’re wondering who it is that has encouraged you to be who you are musically today?

Some of us are encouraged by those we idolise and are influenced by wheras others find a helping hand from family, a special teacher or perhaps a supportive friend. Whoever it is, this person would have definitely played a part in sustaining and driving the urge to be creative and musical and to also believe in yourself.

So the question is: Who’s been your most encouraging force in your musical journey thus far?

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Great Comments from Last Week

Last week I asked… “What immediately puts you in the mood to sing?”

Hannah Koroshi had a beautiful response to this one –

“Hearing someone deliver the meaning of a song with real passion- it makes me want to convey a story or emotion with the same eloquence with my own voice.”

Thanks to all who participated last week. I really enjoyed reading your answers and am looking forward to it again next week…