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fernando – Yesterday cover

Vocal Coach comments from Rachel Lebon:

Expressive rendition and sensitive. Good instrument. Appeared to be a spontaneous performances and that you were somewhat unfamiliar with the selections. Don’t know if this was the case, but strive to become more secure on Yesterday so that there are no hesitations or insecurities on the melody and in transitioning into the bridge. Being familiar with a song also relieves tension, freeing up your body after repeated performances so that you can open yourself and relate to the audience. Moon River was a bit freer and expressive. However, perhaps you wanted to look cool, but leaning forward with your hand on your pocket will make it more difficult to support the tone. You will also tend to lift your chin for the high notes, which creates strain. Would be nice to see you more comfortable with the songs so that you can perform away from the music and stand tall, holding the microphone. Keep striving, because you have good potential.

  • Linda

    Hi Fernando ~ Great song choice For your lovely voice. From one student to another I do feel that your stage presence needs a bit of tweaking. Please believe me I’m talking to myself as well ~ Lol When you practice record yourself listening forfor when you take breaks. These breaks phrasing can change the meaning of the message you want to convey. Another benefit to phrasing is learning where you can take bits of breath. This leads to breath support which I’ll defer to your instructor. Okay, stage presence ~ nerves showed through in a way that cuts us out of your performance. Stand with shoulders back, practice balancing a book on your head, look (make eye contact) at your audience ~OR~ look at a clock or door in the back of the room until you get comfortable with this. Step a couple of feet away from your pianist. Remember, the audience is on your side and wants to nothing more than to be sung to ~ The Fernando Experience. Good luck to you :-)

  • Linda

    Fernando ~ I forgot to mention: Firstly ~ know your song like the back of your hand then you will be free to focus on phrasing, breath support, and connecting with your audience. Good luck to you. :-)