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Find Your Weakness

Songwriting with Sarah BellaI know the areas I’ve got down, and I know where I need some work.

Lyrics come easiest for me…I always have some sort of line already in my head when I pick up the guitar. So, I usually don’t second-guess myself when the words start flowing.

I will, however, try out a variety of melodies and chord progressions before I find THE ONE.

I am not the best guitar player and am always pushing myself to go where I may feel a bit uncomfortable.

Sometimes I put the guitar down and sit down by the keyboard. While I am no piano player, I can find the basic chords and begin to construct a song.

Picking up a different instrument opens a whole new door of inspiration. The same chord on guitar sounds so different on a piano.

I even utilize my 3 year old’s box of instruments! Playing around with different sounds pushes the envelope in a new direction.

I stretch myself in these ways to strengthen the areas I know are a bit weak.

So, pinpoint what could use some work, or what you’re not completely satisfied with.

Once you find your weakness, you can only strengthen it.