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Finn HP – Problem cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Mark Baxter:

Finn you nailed the three most important things when choosing a cover:

You chose a song sung by the opposite gender.
You took it to another genre.
You obviously really like the song!

Great job – time to leave the covers behind and explore writing your own hits!

Finn’s Bio:

My name is Finn HP, I’m a 16 year old singer-songwriter from Scotland and i like owls.

  • Wow! Very Professional and not just your singing and guitar playing your video as well! I really am impressed with your command over all the elements that go into a video. I check your you tube page….I can only say you are well on your way!

  • GaryC

    Awesome video Shay! Your vocals and the recordings are great and have the quality to be extremely popular. Expect to hear a lot from you in the near future.

  • Evelyn Attard

    great i love it keep it up :)

  • Gail Attard

    wow great … you have a fantastic voice :) love the way you sang this song