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First Aid For Voice

This week we’re exploring the different methods to coerce a damaged voice back to life.

We’ve all been there, only days to go before a big gig or audition and a simple everyday infection or virus robs us of the voice we so sorely need. This I’m afraid is the curse of the singer, our instrument is hardwired to us and if our body is going down, our voice is certainly going with it. Nevertheless, there are methods (ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime) that can cure us in our time of need. This week at Voicecouncil we’d like to hear about the remedies and techniques you use to reawaken your ailing voice.

So the question is: With two days to go before a big gig your voice completely goes, what do you do to coerce it back to life?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: Is it ok to mimic other voices that we like (our singing idol or voice teacher) or will this ultimately rob us from finding individuality in our sound?

Vaughn Kristone wrote…

 “Personally, during my voice training we realized that mimicking one’s voice and technique brought me to the pitch problems I have, because I’ll be too focused on how they sound instead of the pitch – so for me, it’s better to know the melody and pitch of the song and sing it as to how your voice hears it, that way, the listeners still recognize the song while hearing your own sound”.

Michael Vaughn commented…

“Back when I did covers, I would try to sound like whoever it was I was singing. We all have our influences, and I think most of us initially learn by mimicking others. We all “borrow.” I don’t think it’s a bad thing as long as one progresses and finds their own voice”.

Erin Mendoza posted…

“Of course not. We as human beings mimic voices along with movement and expression since the day we are born. We all have a collection of various singers that we are inspired by, and by picking those singers allows us to express what we believe beautiful singing is in our minds”.

Thank-you for all your great comments and valuable insights fellow face-bookers! Join me next week for another Q&A