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Forget You (Cover) – Kayleigh Phillips

Bio: Hello, i’m Kayleigh Phillips. I’m a fifteen year old singer/songwriter and am currently trying to find internet success via youtube. I have recently hit 100,000 views and 1000 subscribers.

  • Jmill0773

    You are great! Very enjoyable to listen to. And I liked your little moves lol

  • Oh yeah, funkin’ me out!

  • Sarah Bella

    Mature voice for such a young girl, loved it! Looks like you feel right at home while performing, keep going!!

  • Sophie Hayzelden

    Hi, You have a great voice for your age! Keep going. Well done! : )

  • Hello Kayleigh,

    You’re darn fun to watch. I can tell singing is something you really enjoy. I think your pitch is pretty on and you have a nice natural vibrato…you also toy with the vocal which is just awesome for someone so young. Your a real showgirl. I can’t wait to hear more my friend :)