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From Brush To Microphone – Manuela Segovia

Winter 2015 Singing Competition finalist, Manuela Segovia, is a talented special effects make-up artist and also manages a local rock band. She tells us about stepping into the spotlight herself.

Since she was very young, Manuela performed in amateurs bands, but had to move to the capital city to study. While studying Special Effects, she started to work in some shows backstage and also ended up working with a band as their manager, and she learned a lot while on the road.

Some years later, she moved to the south of the country and started a family and nowadays, she and her husband both work in their own professions but hope to collaborate together in music.


Manuela is a talented special-effects make-up artist

One influential singer, and what it is that makes them stand out to you?
Janis Joplin always amazes me with her beautiful and strong voice, even if her style of music is not always my favorite.

Does being a make-up artist influence you as a musical artist, and vice versa?
Being a make-up artist allows me to continue my artistic growth. I think my style as a make-up artist is more influenced by the music I love than the opposite. Either way, all artistic expressions are related to some level. The band aesthetics speaks for itself – it is an artist’s responsibility to watch for all the aspects of the message that is being delivered.

Biggest challenge to breaking out and sharing your music with new people?
Knowing if you are ready or not. But I understand that you are never completely ready when you perform.

Something that’s worked for you in reaching a larger audience?
Social media is a great way share your music, especially when you are part of an underground movement.

Every time a person leaves whatever they’re doing to listen to my music is a success for me

A performance FAIL?
When I was young, I was taking part in an outdoor show during a windy day and the stage monitors didn’t work. It was impossible to hear myself.

A performance SUCCESS – and why…?
Every time a person leaves whatever they’re doing to listen to my music is a success for me, because this justifies my effort as an artist.

Favorite Vocal Gear and Why?
VoiceLive Play by TC-Helicon – it is a robust piece of gear to use live, and was my first piece of gear exclusively for singing. I bought it when I moved to my last house instead of buying furniture!

Watch the video that made Manuela a finalist

What is it like to be an artist and a band manager – a benefit? or a hindrance?
For me was a very amusing part of my life, because I am a hardworking person. Being involved in all musical aspects is important. Of course, when the project grows it is necessary to delegate some functional task to the manager in order to focus on the music. This optimizes your time with your band. I think my experience as a manager helped me as an amateur artist and it will be very helpful in the near future.

A musical lesson you’ve learned the hard way?
Always check for the existence of a spare tire in the band’s tour van. Haha!

A vocal-singing lesson you’ve learned the hard way?
The understanding of taking care of my vocal health. We travel, work and live with our instrument with us – we have to learn how to be healthy.

We travel, work and live with our instrument with us – we have to learn how to be healthy

A few ingredients of a memorable vocal performance?
Self-confidence, pride in what you are doing, a good sound system, a supportive audience, and big, sincere applause.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media?
It is impossible to please everyone. You have to be able to select the good and constructive reviews and opinions.

Most important lesson you have learned about vocal health?
Warming up before every session is very important, however, if you perform in a rock band, you have to learn how to scream and make gritty sound whilst avoiding hurting yourself.

A question you wished we asked you – and your answer?
“Would you let us be your producers of you debut album?” – yes of course!!!! Haha – just joking!


I want to perform a true rock sound, away from the classic melodic sound found nowadays

“Would you like to thank anyone?” – yes, I would like to thank Kathy Alexander for her wonderful review of my video in this contest. She chose me as a finalist and that was a great honor for me.

What is an area of your singing work/career that is a little (or a lot) unique or different that you could elaborate on.
Being a woman performing rock is always a difficult task, especially in developing countries like Argentina where the rock industry has been dominated by males (with some exceptions). I want to perform a true rock sound, away from the classic melodic sound found nowadays. That’s why I chose a cover version of Guano Apes for the contest – supporting the underground rock movement!

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Manuela Segovia

Manuela Segovia is an experienced special-effects make-up artist and band manager. She has always been surrounded by music enthusiasts which has moulded her perception of music, and is now working on forming a rock band of her own.