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G.J. – Power Trip Cover

Gilbert and Janay both raised in the bronx, adhere to the genre of R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop. Whose motto of music is very simple and real: “life is music and music is life”. They aspire to be great in the music business, and feel they have a place bringing their contribution to the industry. G.J would like to determine fresh new talent illustrate love and determination to their goals. Through Their talents, these multitalented, up and coming, young artist sense that “the better the skills and knowledge, the further you get”. They are still learning and experiencing all aspect of music. These two young people are conscious of the music industry’s many changes in display new talent so they are here and ready to reach out with confidence that you, the audience will be stirred to embrace their talent as they give it everything they’ve got on stage. Many have identified potential in them. The G.J would appreciate the chance to showcase their talent on a worldwide scale. www.facebook.com/thegj