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Gabby Womack – You Make It Real cover

I’m a Junior in college studying History and I have always had a passion for music and performing. I went to a performing arts high school in Central Florida and began dance classes at the age of 3. I am currently acting on the side for a piece at my University. I usually write and play my own music but right now I am going through a very hard time and have not felt right about writing my experiences down yet. Therefore, most of my videos will be covers until I can get back to my music.

  • Hi Gabby,

    While the audio quality is horrible, I can still hear how completely incredible you are. I also enjoy that you took the time to learn the lyrics so you actually look at us and engage us as if we were really there…this is something many artists forget to do when sending in submissions. You’re basically bad ass…great voice and you play well to boot! I hope you keep at this cos your a real musical gem!



  • Gabby Womack

    Wow! I’m just seeing this now, but if you want to hear my latest, check this out. https://soundcloud.com/a-jay-music-production/intersection