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Gabriele Aprile & April Fools

Gabriele Aprile is an italian singer, from Naples, Italy. Since he was a child he’s been loving black music, from Donnie Hathaway to Michael Jackson, and with his band, the April Fools, he tried to import it in his country, by “mixing” it with traditional italian melody style. Their first album, avaiable on Itunes, is a collection of 9 original songs, exploring the “soul” and the “body” of music. Their first single “Semplicemente(Taggato)” reached more than 50000 views on Youtube, a great result for an italian indipendent music project.

  • Hi Gabriele… I can tell you have been singing for some time and are comfortable with your voice and know your style. You did these covers justice and you have a great tone. Great musicians as well. Hope that you post an original..would be great to see how you incorporated this style. Best wishes, BB

  • Hiya’ Gabriele,

    I love James Brown…sorry to disappoint…but you aren’t him.  Be yourself brother…you have a great voice but you’re quite white.  I know ya’ love the music.  The band sounds tight and ya’ll look great.  I’m sure you’re making some jack doing this fun style of music.  Still, if you really want to pour the brown sugar on your audience, spend some time in African American churches and let them school ya’ right!  Soak yourself in the culturre and ya’ can’t go wrong.  Thanks for sharing.