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Gage Smith – Lullaby cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Basix:

Gage, your voice has a very smooth and intense vibe that fits the song well. When I’m teaching, it’s obvious to me that there are 2 kinds of singers: one that focuses on the lyrics and one that focuses on the sound of the voice. Because each type wants to express emotion and touch the listener they have equal value, but one makes the lyrics transport the emotion and the other makes the sound do the same. The danger with putting the focus in the sound is that there is a risk that the words turn into just “sounds” without their own emotional content. I hear this when you use the word “lullaby” and sometimes on the last words in the fast phrases. Finally, I’d love to see more of your face and eyes – they are also very important elements in your total expression (you are much more than a good voice).

Gage Smith’s Bio:

My name is Gage Smith I play just about everything. I’m in a couple bands and try to post a video on youtube every couple weeks. Music is all I can picture myself doing in my daily life. I love it and everything about it