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Gary Teed – When You Say Nothing At All cover

I played guitar a little when I was in my 20s but never got serious with it. When I was taken out of work due to my health, I decided to pick up the guitar again. I have been playing now for about 8 years. I play with a small circle of friends and rarely do paying gigs. The music helps me relax which helps lower my blood pressure which was getting high due to my kidney disease. I like the sounds I can generate with the guitar.

  • Gary

    I should not have submitted this…
    I suck

  • Anonymous

    But, Gary, I like it!

  • MisterTim

    I disagree, I really like your performance.

  • The Fracture Clinic

    Easy Gary. The clue is in the lyrics. “There’s a truth in your eyes…”. That what I hear in your singing. This is a really charming and truthful rendition of this song. You most certainly do not suck. All the best. 

  • Gary

    I did not tell my friends about this. I want feedback from other musicians. Not false praise by friends not wanting to hurt my feelings. I don’t really think I suck.

  • Kenny boy

    Gary, you’ve got feeling! It’s not perfect, but it is really good! 
    And yepp, you suck at lifting up your self :-)
    Good thoughts to you.

  • KowBoy Tom

    Gary Teed, very nice. Can you do this song again while fingerpicking the guitar without the capo?

    KowBoy Tom

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got kidney disease too–5 1/2 years on dialysis, 3 years w/ transplant–so I sympathize. Your voice has awesome tone, but the rhythm of your guitar playing is too mechanical. Try starting slow, building up, or just mixing it up somehow–slow, fast, slow etc. It’s OK to improvise with covers. Put your own stamp on it!

  • Hiya Gary,

    First off, what a kick arse pad you’ve got there to create in!  You’ve got an easy breezy way about you.  I’d like to see that come through in your playing…relax a lil’ n’ you’re golden!  I enjoy the husky, real, nature of your voice…takes me back to the days of Stan Rodgers.  You picked a good tune and style for your playing and voice.  Thanks for sharing.

    Brian Stevenson

  • Gary

     I do have 2 roll patterns that I use but have not tried with this song. I do want to record it again because I have been off cigarettes now for over a year and my voice has improved.


  • Gary

     Thanx. I will try to focus on this in my playing. It is hard for me to relax in front of the video camera for some reason. I tend to open up and relax more when no camera is on me. I can’t help it.