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Gaz Brookfield’s Acoustic Gig Bag Essentials

Gaz Brookfield's Gig Bag

Gaz Brookfield has over 1000 gigs under his belt and won Acoustic Magazine’s Singer-Songwriter of the year in 2010.

He has performed at several major UK festivals including Glastonbury several years in a row and Beautiful Days and has supported major artists such as Newton Faulker, Seth Lakeman and Frank Turner.

We ask him to reveal what he wouldn’t leave the house without, but not before he shares how important his van has been this festival season:

 Gaz’s Gig Gear

1. I have two long, high quality guitar leads: one goes from my guitar to the tuning pedal, and one goes from the pedal to a DI box.

BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

2. I use a Boss TU2 tuning pedal. I’ve had it for over a decade and it’s an absolute work horse; it never lets me down. I believe every guitarist should be forced to use a pedal tuner as there is nothing more irritating than the twanging of a guitar being tuned mid gig. The pedal cuts the sound going to the PA so it’s not heard by the audience. Don’t forget a power supply because failing batteries can really screw up a gig.

3. A Hohner Blues Harp harmonica and holder. I actually use various harmonicas in various keys. Love the Blues Harp over other harmonicas, it’s easy to play and lasts forever.

4. A screw driver for removing the sound hole pick up in my guitar should the battery need to be changed.

5. A string winder for changing strings faster.

6. A spare set of strings. I change my strings before every gig to hopefully avoid a string snapping. I personally love Rotosound JK13s.

7. Jim Dunlop 0.60mm nylon plectrums. As many as possible because, like every guitar player, I lose them faster than I can buy them.

Nylon plectrums. As many as possible.

8. A notebook and sharpie for writing set lists and jotting down new song ideas.

9. My capo. I’ve found that the Schubb clamp style capo is the best. Not only does it change the key I’m playing in quickly and efficiently, it also holds the strings more solidly than other capo’s, keeping the guitar nicely in tune.

Gaz Brookfield profile pictureSince winning Acoustic magazine’s 2010 Singer Songwriter of the year, Gaz Brookfield has spent his time on the road, touring the UK and Europe. He has shared the stage with The Levellers, Frank Turner, New Model Army, Nick Harper, Newton Faulkner, Miles Hunt, Seth Lakeman, racking up over 1000 gigs to date including Glastonbury Festival. His latest studio album I Know My Place is out now. gazbrookfield.com gazbrookfieldmusic.bandcamp.com