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Sound Questions: It’s All Up For Grabs

Here’s your chance to find out the answers to some of the music and sound questions you’ve been pondering. Gear, operational procedures, recording, live sound, vocals, or instruments—it’s all up for grabs.

Bill Gibson is a veteran in the music, recording, and live sound industries with over 30 books to his credit and at least as many years of experience. He is a member of the online faculty at Berklee College of Music in Boston and serves on the Board of Governors for The Recording Academy. Bill taught music arranging, theory, and performance at college level prior to a career as a chief engineer in a recording studio near Seattle. His many years performing, engineering, and producing has benefited hundreds of aspiring young vocalists. His writing career began in 1991 and has continued aggressively to the present – see www.billgibsonmusic.com.

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  • I am a musician (keyboards) and singer. I perform in bars and clubs.
    The first half of the night is usually straight piano/vocals. Later, I move on to adding drums and some sequenced instruments.

    I am having a problem getting my voice to sit well in the mix later in the evening. I've played around with eq and compression settings, but I can't seem to get a clear, crisp vocal consistently. Any thoughts?