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Georgia Delves – In For The Kill cover

I’m a seventeen year old girl from melbourne, My dad taught me to play guitar and singing is something thats always come naturally to me. Music is an art and it’s something that brings people together to create something beautiful. Thats why it’s always been such a passion of mine.

  • Couple tips for you. Don’t back light your videos. It makes it hard to see you (unless that’s what you were going for). Side and front lighting work best. Other than that there were some moments when you let go a little.. it was easier to connect and feel your emotion when you did. Good job :) I enjoyed it.

  • Hi Georgia,

    I can tell you’ve got some real skills but this song comes off kinda’ dead pan. I think you just need to let go…listen to those words you’re singing…they’re gut wrenching and painful. While you sing it well, we’re missing the pain that makes this a wonderful number. Bleed more and we’ll believe more in what you are trying to express. I know ya’ can do it sister…tear the walls down my friend! Thanks for sharing!