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Georgia Ku – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough cover

Hi my name is Georgia Ku Overton the ‘Northumbrian Songbird’. I’ve been performing since the age of 14 and am now in the throws of completing my first orginal EP. I have been accepted by The London College of Music and fly off in October to persue not only my knowledge but career in music, while I’m there i hope to gain enough experience and exposure to become the successful singer/songwriter i have always wanted to be.

  • You have a beautiful voice.
    Congratulations on your acceptance for the College of Music, let me know if you do any gigs around Manchester :)

  • Hello Gerogia :)

    Absolutely stunning!  I love your take on this classic…very sultry.  You’ve got a lot going for you = voice, image, charisma.  Videos are our commercials and it was mostly your voice that captured me on this one.  Very nice…and don’t be afraid to dress it up a little bit ;)



  • Hey! I really enjoyed listening to your voice, it’s warm and for me it’s like: “that’s the way a girl should sound like”. You remind me of Katie Melua in a way. There are moments where you seem to be rushed by the music, would be nice if you had a little more time in certain moments but that’s a thing to discus between you and the band/player.

  • Billy O’Con

    Awesome voice–Awesome version of such a classic. Great delivery. Congrats on being accepted to London College. I know you will do well.