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Get Better Studio Vocal Takes – 3 Tips

All singers and producers will want to know these secrets from Dane Chalfin to releasing a great singing performance “in the booth”.

Leading industry vocal coach Dane Chalfin shares practical tips for any singer (or anyone working with a singer) as they launch into their recording project.

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Ashley Lewis Ashley Lewis - Way Out

Fantastic tone. I really love the use of dynamics and subtlety. For me, the vibrato is coming in a little too soon on most notes. I would prefer a straighter tone in pop as the constant vibrato can feel a little Musical Theatre. I can see a budding emotional connection, but I would really love to see this indulged even more in the performance. Overall though it’s a really pleasant listening experience.

Why I chose Ashley Lewis as a Finalist

My semifinalist choice is Ashley Lewis because she is giving the best all round vocal delivery and emotional performance.


Dane Chalfin

Dane Chalfin is a leading industry vocal coach and voice rehabilitation specialist. His clients include well-known artists and actors and his teacher training courses attract professional vocal coaches and singing teachers from around the world. Principal Lecturer at Leeds College of Music and a director of the British Voice Association. www.21stcenturysinger.co.uk