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Get Bigger Singing Gigs – Top Tips

Leading artists reveal their tips for singers to share their music with larger audiences.

You’re hearing insights from Marina V (award winning Russian-American singer, pianist & songwriter), Chris Henderson (singer-songwriter-guitarist with Bronze Radio Return), Tony Harnell (Award Winning lead singer of TNT), Lori Maier (Founder & Executive Director of Chick Singer Night), Laura Vane (of Laura Vane and the Vipertones), Jennie Sawdon (singer, pianist, and vocal tutor – voted “Wedding Singer of the Year” 2x), Wes Maebe (Mix-master and FOH engineer) and Gerald White (prolific singer-songwriter) – conveyed by Gregory A. Barker PhD, Commissioning Editor for VoiceCouncil Magazine and Kathy Alexander, Co-editor of The Ultimate Guide to Singing.

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  • Marina V

    It is my honor and joy to be a contributor to this awesome book! Thank you :)