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Get Singing Gigs through Tenacity – Tameca Jones

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Tameca Jones is huge star in her home town of Austin because of her feisty blend of funk, rock and soul. She has been praised by Billboard, Esquire and Rolling Stone magazine, and was the breakout star of Austin City Limits Festival this year.

She reveals how her work-hard tenacious attitude is the ticket to success.

What obstacles have you had to overcome for your love of singing?
I have narcolepsy, which is a sleep disorder and I also have 14 year old twins. I got pregnant during school and had to drop out because I couldn’t take my medication to stay awake while pregnant. Narcolepsy makes it hard to hold down a 9 – 5 job so I needed to figure out what I was going to do to support my babies.

How did music help?
I knew I could sing, so I put a band together and worked my way up the ladder slowly. Most people put their music on the back burner when they have kids, but my twins and my narcolepsy propelled me into my music career. I am in this for the long haul-ride or die. I’ve accomplished so much in my numerous years and have a lot more ahead of me.

A performance FAIL
I sang the national anthem at the Texas Relays and there was an enormous delay that the organizers didn’t tell me about the enormous delay until two minutes before I sang.

You have to saturate people with content so you are visible at all times - and stay relevant

A performance SUCCESS
My first headlining show at the Parish in Austin, TX and my festival debut at ACL were definitely a performance high because there is something so intoxicating about being elevated above the audience and having a big stage to strut on that is more heady than any liquor or drug.

Something’s that’s worked for you in reaching a larger audience
In this day and age, you have to saturate people with content so you are visible at all times and stay relevant.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media
People love being accessibility, authenticity, and being able to interact with you. Although, trying to keep up with all the different forms has been a challenge.

A few ingredients of a memorable vocal performance
A big stage, killer sound, and a hype phat crowd

Favourite vocal gear
I’m a fan of Blue enCore microphones because they capture the warmth, sweetness, and tone of my voice with pristine clarity.

A musical lesson you’ve learned the hard way
I have learned how to tell my musicians what I need from them to help me deliver the best performances that I can.

work out or do something cardio-based because it helps your vocal endurance and stage performance

A vocal lesson you’ve learned the hard way
You have to work out or do something cardio-based because it helps your vocal endurance and stage performance and makes you a more malleable singer.

What is unique about your voice?
I learned how to colour my voice and give it different textures, volumes, and tones by listening to other singers.

Tell us about your favourite singers
My ear perks when I listen Amy Winehouse and Chris Martin because Amy slays with her raw and warm tone and phrasing. Chris Martin kills me with his falsetto and ability to sound vulnerable and naked.

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When local Austin, TX native Tameca Jones opens her mouth and sings, jaws hit ground. Souls are searched and stirred. She started melting faces in 2005 when she joined her first band, 8 Million Stories, and performed her original music. A few years later, the band called it quits, which left Tameca without someone to help her create. So, she turned to covers to continue playing, grow her audience, and pay the bills.

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