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Get The Key Right

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Get The Key Right – Vocalist Insight 50

Kim Chandler, creator of the Funky ‘n Fun vocal training series, shares an essential insight for all vocalists as they get ready for a performance.

Kim’s Voice Cross Trainer App is available now. It’s based on her popular “Funky ‘n Fun” vocal training series.

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  • Nice one Kim. I’ve improved greatly since acquiring your Funky n’ Fun series – great stuff, and quite the work out!

  • Thanks Brian, I always appreciate your positive feedback :-) Also, if you’ve got the whole series (now available as mp3 downloads too), I’ve recently written an 8-level course outline to follow for systematic practice which I can email you for free – contact me via my website http://www.kimchandler.com

  • I certainly will…have a very busy day = will hit your link after work :)



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